Polynesian Princess Running Costume - Moana Inspired Costume

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Moana Running costume includes skirt, waist sash and tank top. Skirt and waist sash are completely handmade. The tank is a purchased item that has been altered, adding a "tube top" on top of it to allow for comfortable running. The waist sash and tube top feature hand painted details. Top also includes real shell details on the front, placed to avoid being in the way of a running arm swing.

This costume is designed to be worn over your favorite pants/shorts and sports bra. Please note that the tank is a cotton/poly blend and not a performance wicking fabric. This exact costume design was worn for a full marathon with no problems.

Costume includes the following:
-Linen cotton fabric skirt with lace and grass skirt trim. The flower design in done in professional grade Heat Transfer Vinyl applied with a heat press.
-Tank Top in a color to blend with your skin tone. Coral knit fabric tube top with shell and hand painted details is sewn to the tank top
- Coral knit fabric waist sash with hand painted details

Please provide the following information with your order:

Waist: measurement around your waist wherever you would like the skirt waistband
Hip: measurement around your hips at the widest point
Tank: Choose size S-XL
Skin Tone Color: Please provide your skin tone and I will send you options for tank colors for approval before making your costume