Faux Fur Sven Inspired Costume -Cartoon Reindeer Costume

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Complete fur Sven Reindeer Costume! Comes with gray faux fur tank dress with separate white faux fur collar overlay and ribbon “harness” detail. Also incuded are coordinating faux fur leg warmers. Hat is constructed on a purchased baseball hat, embellished with faux fur, foam sheet and attached antlers. Costume is designed to be worn over gray pants and long sleeve top (not included).

Costume includes the following:
-Gray Faux Fur Tank Dress
-White Faux Fur Collar
-Gray/White Faux Fur Legwarmers
-Sven face baseball hat

Please provide the following measurement/sizes with your order:

General Size in Clothing: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Dress Length: Overall how long you would like the dress


Suggested Care Instructions: Hand Wash Cold, Line Dry, No Iron