Fox Disguised as Stork Complete Costume

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This complete costume is an homage to the scene in Robin Hood where he disguises himself as a stork to attend the archery contest. The fabric of the shirt is not the most run-friendly, but it's doable for shorter runs. I used this design for a 10K with no issues. This costume would also be perfect for the theme park Halloween parties!

This Costume Listing Includes:
- Green Linen Shirt
- Hat
- Bow
- Quiver
- 2 hand feather pieces designed to be slipped over wrists (includes finger loop to help hold them in place)
- 1 Tail Feather piece designed to be safety pinned directly to the waistband of your own pants/leggings

The hat is built on top of a purchased twill visor with adjustable back. The face and beak is constructed with EVA foam sheet and googly eyes. Lavender hat on top is made from flannel with silk flower accent. Includes tulle stuffing to help hold the lavender hat up. Also includes teal knit neck tie (shade of knit may vary slightly from pictures but it will be in the teal family). The entire hat is sewn together to be one piece, so no messing around with the different components necessary. Shirt, feathers, bow and quiver are handmade.

Please note that the "beak" extends past the bill of the visor, it is longer in front, so it does slightly impede peripheral vision. I ran a 10K in this design and had no problems seeing the course safely.



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